Acer Melbourne Plus Luggage 19.5" - Black

The aroma of coffee wafts through the air everywhere as you stroll through Melbourne's streets, allowing you to experience the diverse charm of this fashion, film, and literary capital. The essence of this journey is condensed into beautiful moments that are gently packed into your suitcase to become treasured memories when you return home. The suitcase is no longer just a storage device, but also a record of your travels around the world.
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  • Two Aluminum Alloy Bumper Corners - Always Maintaining Perfection
    Continuing the original Acer Melbourne Luggage Series, the commitment to keeping every moment of your journey flawless.
  • TSA-approved lock for Quick Clearance - Ensuring Luggage Security
    The use of a TSA-approved lock ensures the security of your luggage, making customs clearance simple and painless.
  • 360-Degree Silent Wheels - Effortless, Durable, and Easy to Push
    The 360-degree silent wheels help you maintain your passion for exploration, whether you're wandering through national parks or natural reserves. You can confidently navigate various terrains, always with ease.
  • Expandable Storage - Collect More Precious Moments
    Whether you want to bring some souvenirs or collect more beautiful moments on your trip, the expansion feature can always be your most helpful assistant when needed.
  • 1+2 Packing Strategy - Pack Freely for International Adventures
    Use the 1+2 packing strategy for international travel by collapsing the 19.5-inch and 24-inch suitcases into the 28-inch suitcase. One suitcase is dedicated to your clothing, while the other two are dedicated to your souvenirs. It's a trip full of unforgettable memories.

  • SIZE:19.5 Inch: 30 x 20.5 x 52.5 cm​ / Carry-on

  • Capacity:39L+5L Exp 

  • Weight:3.1kg

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