Acer Barcelona Luggage 28”- Crystal Pink

Like the works of the genius architect Gaudí, Barcelona's fantastical architecture, lush gardens, and pink sunsets blend into a suitcase full of stories. The imaginative artwork and sleek, functional design of this luggage make it truly one of a kind.
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Product Details

  • Innovative Front-Opening Design - Suitable for Storing Laptops in Upright and Horizontal Positions
    The suitcase's user-centric optimized design allows for easy access whether it's standing upright or laid flat, providing well-organized storage space and flexible capacity expansion, and carrying every adventure, smile, and emotion. A laptop protection layer is also included for storing laptops and tablets.
  • 360-Degree Silent Wheels
    Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, these wheels reduce vibration and noise, providing you with an extraordinary smooth gliding experience.
  • Lightweight Checked Luggage - Expandable Design for Instant Increased Capacity
    The 28-inch travel suitcase is ideal for long trips. It has an expandable zipper design that allows you to adjust the capacity of the suitcase as needed. The handle groove design on the bottom ensures stability and ease of lifting from any angle.
  • 100% Sustainable Eco-Friendly Recycled Polyester - Crafting an Unbelievable Lightness
    Post-Consumer Recycled plastics are transformed into rPET pellets through crushing and chemical spinning, each with a unique adventure story. It gains a second mission and value as a result of advanced technology. The first step in exploring the beautiful world: Select an environmentally friendly suitcase and embark on a journey of mutual respect with nature!
  • TSA-approved Lock - Most Secure Theft Prevention
    Equipped with the latest model of TSA-approved customs combination locks that meet international standards, ensuring the safety of your belongings.
  • Multi-Compartment Storage Space Design - Effortless Item Organization
    The suitcase is designed with four storage compartments, where you can store what is observed and experienced on the streets of Barcelona. It allows for the neat and efficient packing of personal items, making it easy to organize everything you need.


  • SIZE:28 Inch (53 x 31 x 77 cm) 

  • Capacity:88L/100L

  • Weight:5.7kg

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