Acer Barcelona Carry-on Luggage 20”-midnight black

Like the works of the genius architect Gaudí, Barcelona's fantastical architecture, lush gardens, and pink sunsets blend into a suitcase full of stories. The imaginative artwork and sleek, functional design of this luggage make it truly one of a kind.
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Item No.: GP.LUG11.009

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  • Innovative Front-opening Design - Access in Both Upright and Horizontal Positions
    The suitcase's user-centric optimized design allows for easy access whether it's standing upright or laid flat, providing well-organized storage space and flexible capacity expansion, and carrying every adventure, smile, and emotion.
  • Large Capacity - Professional Quality from Design to Storage Space
    The front-opening design includes a laptop protection layer and a multi-functional zipper layer for clear storage of items such as mobile phones, tablets, passports, and important documents, as well as independent side storage compartments.
  • 360-Degree Silent Wheels
    Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, these wheels reduce vibration and noise, providing you with an extraordinary smooth gliding experience.
  • 100% Sustainable Eco-Friendly Recycled Polyester - Enhanced Durability and Impact Resistance
    Post-Consumer Recycled plastics are transformed into rPET pellets through crushing and chemical spinning, each with a unique adventure story. It gains a second mission and value as a result of advanced technology. The first step in exploring the beautiful world: Select an environmentally friendly suitcase and embark on a journey of mutual respect with nature!
  • TSA-approved Lock - Most Secure Theft Prevention
    Equipped with the latest model of TSA-approved customs combination locks that meets international standards, ensuring quick clearance and safety reliability.

  • SIZE:20 Inch  (35.5 x 20.5 x 53.5 cm) / Carry-on

  • Capacity:40L/ 45L

  • Weight:3.1kg

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