[Luggage Buying Guide] How to Choose the Size and Wheels of Your Luggage? 20-inch or 24-inch?

As you prepare for your summer travels and outings, luggage is undoubtedly an essential companion for your journey! However, have you ever found yourself at a loss as to how to weigh the merits of different sizes and materials when shopping for luggage? Don't worry! This article will help you select the best luggage by considering a variety of criteria, including the stability and adaptability of luggage wheels, the size of luggage, and other important factors. Additionally, should you use a TSA-approved lock on your luggage? What are the benefits of a TSA-approved lock? Read on to discover our comprehensive luggage buying guide!

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Comprehensive Luggage Buying Guide.

Which Luggage Size Should You Choose? 20-inch, 24-inch, or 28-inch?

When selecting luggage size, consider your upcoming travel days, your itinerary, and whether you will use it mainly for short or long trips. Below are the recommended travel scenarios for each luggage size:

Luggage Size: 20-inch

The 20-inch luggage is lightweight and convenient, suitable for short trips or weekend getaways. It allows you to move easily between cities and can be used as carry-on luggage within the range of boarding regulations, making it ideal for air travel.

Luggage Size: 24-inch

A 24-inch suitcase has a moderate capacity and is suitable for approximately five days of medium- to long-distance travel or business trips. It allows you to travel light and provides ample storage space. However, any luggage larger than 20 inches will need to be checked in when flying.

Luggage Size: 28-inch

A 28-inch suitcase has a larger capacity, suitable for long-distance travel lasting two weeks or more. It provides ample space, allowing you to easily accommodate a large number of clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other essential items.

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How Do I Choose the Right Luggage Size?

How Do Suitcase Wheels Differ From One Another? How to Choose?

Luggage wheels can generally be categorized into two types:

Luggage Type 1: One-way Wheels

Most luggage comes with two one-way wheels, allowing movement only in forward or backward directions. This may sometimes feel less smooth when making turns.

Luggage Type 2 : Spinner Wheels

Spinner wheels can rotate 360 degrees, making it more convenient for movement in all directions, including forward, backward, and turning. However, if you pull the suitcase at an angle for an extended period, one side of the spinner wheels may experience more wear and tear.

What Are the TSA-approved Locks on Luggage? Are They Necessary?

TSA-approved locks are locks certified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States, and only customs officials have the keys. Since customs may open and inspect luggage contents, having a TSA-approved lock prevents the risk of luggage locks being damaged. It is recommended to choose luggage equipped with a TSA-approved lock or purchase one separately before traveling to ensure luggage security.

Recommended Luggage: Acer Melbourne Truck 4-wheel Luggage

Acer Melbourne Truck 4-wheel Luggage comes in 20-inch and 24-inch options, suitable for both short and long trips, making your journey more relaxed and enjoyable with a confident style! Three main features:

1. Made of three-layer German PC and four alloy anti-collision corners, fearless of impacts!

The suitcase shell is made of German three-layer PC material, ensuring its sturdiness and durability. The stud riveting technique ensures a sturdy structure and prevents deformation. Besides, four alloy anti-collision corners provide better protection for the luggage. Don't worry about collisions or accidents.

2. Equipped with a TSA-approved lock, providing convenience and security when traveling abroad!

With the Acer Melbourne Truck 4-wheel Luggage, you won't have to worry about luggage being damaged during customs inspections. It features a TSA-approved lock, allowing you to travel without needing a key to pass through customs directly.

3. The luggage has a new opening radius, requiring only a 60 cm arm length.

Unlike traditional luggage with an opening and closing radius of over 100 cm, which is difficult to store and takes up space, the Acer Melbourne Truck 4-wheel Luggage opens fully with just a 60 cm radius, providing convenience and saving space!

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Acer Melbourne Truck 4-wheel Luggage.


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