Leader in the dark: Reveal the fearless power of Xplova iluminación

Have you ever felt insecure when you go out at night? When the night falls and you bike home or go for a ride or wander around the park near your home, you might bump into a traffic accident easily if there’s no bright color on your bike or body and you can’t see things clearly at night.

Xplova is a brand that focuses on riding and sports. It collaborated with AXIO, a professional bag design brand, to launch Xplova iluminación Backpack and Xplova iluminación Sling Bag of Xplova iluminación, a bag series that focus on safety, in July 2023. Now we are going to display two bags, and introduce the features and functions. Let’s check this out!

This is a new series, Xplova iluminación. Xplova iluminación Sling Bag is on the left, Xplova iluminación Backpack is on the right.

First feature: Safety first! It is still bright in the dark.

Both of these bags have a large silver area made of 100% reflective polyester materials. This is a critical area for protecting the rider! This area is reflective under direct car light. Optical reflectance is up to 200M. It reminds the driver there are pedestrians and bike riders afar in time, helps the driver identify blind spots, and always protects pedestrians and bike riders in the dark.

The gray area of Xplova bag is reflective, protecting pedestrians and bike riders.

Second feature: Highly efficient storage! The sling bag could be quickly transformed into a handlebar bag exclusively for bikes.

The capacity of Xplova iluminación Backpack is 13L, hence it can easily fit a 17-inch laptop, coat, thermos bottle and towel. Besides, multiple storage layers are available in the bag for storing power bank, charging cable and eye drops. The front inner pocket provides a depth of 27 centimeters, which could fit A4 document, working ID, etc.

Xplova iluminación Sling Bag looks small but has a large capacity! The main pocket could hold a long wallet, thermos bottle and notebook. The small bag in the front could fit daily life goods such as power bank and charging cable.

Particularly, Xplova iluminación Sling Bag can be transformed into a handlebar bag exclusively for bikes immediately. Two hanging straps on the rear of the sling bag could be hung on the handlebar of a bike to reduce the burden, retrieve items quickly, remind drivers, and improve riding safety.

Xplova iluminación Sling Bag can be hung on the bike to remind drivers.

Third feature: Integration of different materials! 3-color collision is suitable for daily wear, fashionable and practical.

The Xplova iluminación bag mix black, silver and orange to create a layered texture of different colors. It rids the monotone of common bags and shows a trendy, vivid style! Xplova iluminación Backpack is equipped with breathable netting and strap buckle. Breathable netting is used to effectively achieve air and heat dissipation. Strap buckles help you stay balanced and prevents shoulder straps from falling.

Xplova iluminación Sling Bag can be carried in many ways, in the front or back or on the waist. You can change as you wish, showing your unique personality!

Xplova iluminación bags are practical and trendy.

Do you want to learn more about products? Do you want to stay fearless in the dark? Visit our official website now. Let Xplova iluminación bags protect you:

👉Xplova iluminación Backpack:https://bit.ly/3pDEXcC

👉Xplova iluminación Sling Bag:https://bit.ly/43kHCW

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